Curriculum vitae

San Martín de los Andes, Neuquén, Argentina





Title: Systems analyst
Institution: Universidad Católica de La Plata (UCALP), Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Tecnología


January-2007 to now: Systems analyst
Organization: Naltú
Tasks: Courses, training, functional analysis, project development and implementation of management systems, servers, networks, private and public institutions (companies, local governments, ministries, military, business chambers, civic associations, banks) in Argentina and other countries. Writing articles on media technology in Argentina and Europe.
October-2012 to April-2014: Sysadmin and OpenERP(Odoo) implementations
Organization: WDS/Soltic
Tasks: Installation, administration, maintenance of application servers, databases, files, web hosting, high availability, virtualization, among others. Implementation of OpenERP (Odoo) management system. For government, public and private companies in various countries of Latin America.
April-2006 to October-2012: Sysadmin
Organization: Municipalidad de Berazategui (
Tasks: Re structuring of the local government network services and servers. Administration of GNU / Linux and Windows, and maintenance of backup services, internet, VPN, user authentication, file, web, email, database servers, and other services. It is a network of more than 25 servers, 300 PCs, 500 users accessing from main building and 30 offices located in the territory of the municipality. Reporting to management and external audits. Training.
October-2007 to 2011: Secretary of Cience and Tecnology of JE FEBA ad-honorem
Organization: Young Entrepreneurs Commission in the Economic Federation of the Buenos Aires Province, Argentina (
Tasks: Develop links for the entrepreneurs with sources of knowledge and scientific development that could enhance the development of their businesses, prioritizing national sources over foreign. Promoting the use of technology developed in the country, with special emphasis on the awareness of the benefits of national development beyond the short term. Organization of training, lectures, seminars, and other outreach and knowledge transfer. Promoting partnerships with other organizations. Implementation of integration tools, particularly networking, to facilitate exchange within FEBA Youth Entrepreneurs.
January-2006 to 2013: UTUTO Project resercher and developer ad-honorem
Organization: UTUTO Project (
Tasks: Project research and technology development. Core Team member of the project. Development Platform distribution GNU / Linux UTUTO XS. Development of the software packages installation system (Uget). InstallXS development, the generic and extensible installer for GNU operating systems. Collaboration debugging of the binary repository, the installer system from CD, the project's servers and the whole distribution process. Developments for the some european organizations.
January-2005 to December-2005: Functional analyst and project leader
Empresa: Reserv S.R.L. (
Tasks: Training and leadership of development teams for top line clients such as Lottery and Casinos (CIRSA), LeaseTrader, Telecom. Search, evaluation, selection and training of programmers in charge. Analysis and documentation of requirements, solution design, technical advice to customers. Consulting and implementation of tools and software development methodologies to improve process efficiency.
May-2001 to January-2002: Development director
Empresa: ADECCO S.A. (
Tasks: Leadership of the development team of Project Potro XXI, integrated management system of Adecco Latin America. Support to the analisys and design team. Search, evaluation and selection of the programmers in charge. Training of junior programmers in charge.
September-1997 to May-2003: Functional analisys and senior developer (last positions)
Empresa: REDMOND Software S.A. (
Tasks: Analysis, design, development and leadership of IT projects for national and international industry leading companies (Techint, Telefónica, Arcor, Ericsson, UADE, Petroken, among others)
November-2003 to April-2006: C.NET
Empresa: Conmutador.NET
Tasks: Independent bussines selling and developing of IT services (e-commerce, web development, web hosting, software development, networking, hardware, communications) Some clients: HWD3D (e-commerce integration) Job market (Consultancy and analysis of technological aspects of business), SBDM UNOR (Reserve Officers Union of Argentina), ERSA Insurance Broker (web development), (Consultancy, analysis and integration of the portal), Papelera Rosato SA (Design and construction of the telephony and data network) Kayros Systems and Management (Consulting, training and various services), (Consulting and various services)
July-2003 to October-2003: Senior programmer
Empresa: Red Link S.A. (
Tasks: Development of components for the enterprise and home banking systems, used by top line banks, like Banco Nación Argentina and Banco Provincia de Buenos Aires, among others.
Other jobs between 1995 and 1998: ActiveX objects to plot mathematical functions in three dimensions with high definition. Library Management System of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics. Specialized database for music collector.


Effective experience working with:

  • Development teams leadership.
  • Search, evaluation and selection of programmers.
  • Agile methodologies. Scrum.
  • Object oriented analisys. UML, Rational Rose.
  • Structured analisys. Gane y Sarson.
  • Integrated management systems and ERP: OpenERP.
  • Multilevel development, applications servers.
  • GNU/linux and Windows administration. Virtualization servers.
  • Internet services. Web hosting, email, ldap, proxy, jabber.
  • TCP/IP. Firewalls. Routers, access points, wireless.
  • WEB: HTML, PHP, ASP.NET, ASP, JavaScript, XML. WAP, WML.
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgresQL, ORACLE, SQL Server, Access.
  • Programming Bash, VBasic, Pascal, Python. Cristal Reports.


Spanish: Native
Written: Good
Oral: Intermediate


Smoke: NO
Availability to trip: Yes
Own mobility: Yes
Training: ISO 9001:2000 Internal auditor
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