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 San Martín de los Andes, Neuquén, Argentina 


Phones: + 549 2972 471-880 / + 549 2972 434-969


Systems Analyst, Universidad Católica de La Plata (UCALP)
ISO 9001 Internal Auditor, Fundación CANE
Strategic Planning, UTN
Diploma in Management Skills, UTN
Computer Science and Programming Using Python, MIT
Odoo 15 Functional Certification, Odoo Inc.
Trekking Guide, Professional Training Center 24, Villa La Angostura
WFR - Lifeguard in Rural, Natural and Wild Environments, AAETAV
BR - Search and rescue in Rural, Natural and Wild Environments, AAETAV
Crossings in Natural Environments, AAETAV
Bird Watching, Argentine Birds
Waiter / waiter, TH&S / ATHGRA Training
Photography, B. 9 de Julio, P. Camperi
Fashion and lighting photography, Neuquienos Safaris / Metropolitan School of Photography, Susana Mutti
Night photography, Neuquinos Safaris, Gonzalo José Palermo
The place of images, MANTA, Suyai Otaño
Art Clinic, Valeria Conte Mac Donell


2021 to present: Project Management and Consultant
Entity: Vauxoo
Activity: Functional consulting, project management and implementation of Odoo ERP.
2003 to present: Systems Consultant
Entity: Independent
Activity: Functional consulting, project development and implementation of management systems. Since 2012, implementing systems based on Odoo for different types of organizations in Argentina and other Latin American countries. In addition, since 2003 implementation of systems, servers, networks and advice for private and public institutions (companies, municipalities, ministries, armed forces, business chambers, civil associations, banks) for Argentina and other countries. Dictation of training courses and seminars in administration of systems, networks, internet, programming and computing in general, advice on technology issues. Writing articles on technology for media in Argentina and Europe.
2018 to present: Trekking Guide
Entity: Independent
Activity: Trekking guide registered in Lanin National Park, Province of Neuquén, based in San Martín de los Andes and Andacollo.
2014 to present: Photographer
Entity: Independent
Activity: Photography of private and cultural events, weddings, commercial, architecture, fashion, landscape, sports, outdoor adventures. Private teaching of photography. Photo reports. Digital edition.
January-2015 to date: Project Leader
Entity: Cotesma
Activity: Functional analysis and implementation of ERP management and ISO9001 quality management systems.
April-2006 to October-2012: Server Administrator
Entity: Municipality of Berazategui (
Activity: Restructuring of the Municipality's network services and servers. Administration of GNU / Linux and Windows servers, and maintenance of backup services, internet, VPN, user authentication, files, web, email, databases, among other services. It is a network with more than 25 servers, 300 PCs, 500 users accessing from the Municipal Palace and 30 delegations distributed in the territory of the Municipality. Preparation of reports for the Management and external audits. Training.
October-2007 to 2011: Secretary of Science and Technology of JE FEBA ad-honorem
Entity: Young Entrepreneurs Commission of the Economic Federation of the Province of Buenos Aires (
Activity: Develop the linkage of entrepreneurs with sources of knowledge and scientific-technological development that could enhance the development of their companies, prioritizing sources of national origin over foreign ones. Promotion of the use of technology developed in the country, with special emphasis on raising awareness of the advantages of national development beyond the short term. Organization of training activities, talks, seminars, courses and other activities for the dissemination and transfer of knowledge. Promotion of agreements with organizations. Implementation of integration tools, especially networking, to facilitate exchange within FEBA Young Entrepreneurs.
January-2006 until 2012: Researcher of the UTUTO Project ad-honorem
Entity: UTUTO Project (
Activity: Technology research and development project. Member of the project's Core Team. Development of the GNU / Linux UTUTO XS operating system distribution. Development of the software package installation system (Uget) Development of InstallXS, the generic and extensible installer for GNU operating systems. Collaboration in debugging the binary repository, system installer from CD. Developments for European organizations.
January-2005 to December-2005: Functional Analyst and Project Leader
Company: Reserv S.R.L. (
Activity: Training and management of development teams for first-line clients, such as Lottery and Casinos (CIRSA), LeaseTrader, Telecom. Search, evaluation, selection and training of the programmers in charge. Analysis and documentation of requirements, design of solutions, technical advice to clients. Consulting and implementation of software development tools and methodologies to improve process efficiency.
November-2003 to April-2006: C.NET
Company: Commutador.NET
Activity: Independent business of commercialization and development of computer services (e-commerce, web development, web hosting, software development, networks, hardware, communications) Some clients: HWD3D (Integration of e-commerce), JobMarket ( Consulting and analysis of the technological aspects of the business), SBDM UNOR (Union of Reserve Officials of the Argentine Republic), ERSA Insurance Broker (web development), (Consulting, analysis and integration of the portal), Papelera Rosato SA (Design and construction of the telephone and data network), Kayros Sistemas y Gestión (Consulting, training and various services), (Consulting and various services)
May-2001 to January-2002: Development Director
Company: ADECCO S.A. (
Activity: Direction of the development team of the Potro XXI System, ADECCO Latin America's integral management system. Technical assistance to the analysis and design team. Search, evaluation and selection of the programmers in charge. Training of junior programmers in charge. Implementation of agile development methodologies and modeling using UML.
September-1997 to May-2003: Senior Functional Analyst and Programmer
Company: REDMOND Software S.A. (
Activity: Analysis, design, development and leadership of IT projects for leading national and international industries and companies (Techint, Telefónica, Arcor, Ericsson, UADE, Petroken, among others)
July-2003 to October-2003: Senior Programmer Analyst
Company: Red Link S.A. (
Activity: Development of home banking and business banking systems used by Banco Nación and Banco Provincia, among others.
Other works between 1995 and 1998: Application and libraries to graph mathematical functions in three dimensions with high definition and resolution of operational research algorithms; Library Administration System of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics; Specialized file for extensive music database.


Written: Good
Oral: Basic/Intermediate


Availability to travel: Yes.
Smoker: No
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